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The 4th AMPSECA'2021 is a follow-up to the highly successful international conference on Advanced Materials for Photonics, Sensing and Energy Conversion Energy Applications, held in El Jadida in 2012, Agadir in 2017 and Marrakech in 2019, in Morocco. This event will be held another time in Marrakech, Morocco.

This international conference on the topic of the photonic, the detection and applications, the planter of the researchers, plans, different disciplines on the same plate-form. This large gathering of academic and industrial researchers has provided detailed information on their materials and applications in photonics, sensing and energy. This event focused on energy issues and bringing together leading scientists and program managers to the various funding bodies in the form of speakers and roundtables. We encouraged to organize this fourth conference. AMPSECA'2021 will offer a unique opportunity to discuss recent and future developments in the field of advanced materials for photographic detection, detection and energy applications, including biophotonics, leading Moroccan, European and international researchers. This meeting will undoubtedly stimulate better contacts between PhD students, novices and experienced from around the world and creators of a new space and new opportunities to strengthen or initiate new international and multilateral collaborations.

The conference will include plenary lectures, guest lectures and oral contributions. It is nice to report here that the previous AMPSECA conference is organized from 400 people surveyed from 40 countries around the world.








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